Wednesday, June 30, 2010

We Made It!!

Our house is packed up and everything is on its way to Sydney.  It was weird seeing all our household goods in boxes throughout the house as well as when it was completely empty.  Its such a beautiful house.  We already have a renter lined up.  I understand we missed some nasty storms right after we left.
We stayed at the Water Park of America after our house was packed up.  It worked out as a great distraction for Jenna.  Once we arrived there Jenna started saying that she can’t believe we are really moving to Australia.  Having talked about it for so long the move it all seemed almost unreal to me too.

Saying goodbye to our friends, neighbors, and family was tough.  We are very thankful for all the support, good wishes, farewell gatherings and meaningful gifts we received before we left.  We are taking many fond memories with us.

We had a wonderful stay in Washington.  We saw as many people as we could fit in and we ate entirely too much food.  We stayed at our favorite place in Mukilteo, the Silver Cloud which is located right on the waterfront.  My sister Vicki and brother-in-law Tom spent a few days with us there.

We found out flight from Minnesota to LA was first class.  That was a nice surprise.  LA to Sydney flight was in business class.  We all slept as our seats reclined.  The flight was awesome.  We were able to spend a short period time in the first class/business lounge at the airport.  We flew in an A380.  It’s a monster-sized, double-decker airplane.  We are on the top level.  Our seats are set up for complete entertainment and relaxation. I’m not sure I will be able to handle economy after this treatment. 

We went to Coogee and Bondi beaches yesterday.  The air was really cool yesterday, but the water was nice.  People are out swimming and surfing all the time.  Jenna and I loved walking in the sand and getting our feet wet.  Jenna got a little too close to the incoming waves and got her pants wet and full of sand.  She really wants a wetsuit so she can really get into the waves. 

We are currently staying in the Coogee Royal Hotel.  Last night was our first night sleeping here.  We all slept well but are dragging a little.  We had an unbelievably beautiful sunrise this morning.  Dave went to work.  Jenna and I are planning a walk on the beach and then along the beach trail and a trip to the playground.  We will be looking for houses in North Sydney tonight.

I will update more pictures later.  It has taken too long to do this much and Jenna is chomping at the bit to get out to the beach.  Gotta go for now.



  1. It's about time we had an update! 30 days between updates is not acceptable! ;-)

    Glad to hear you made it safe and sound. Can't wait to hear more about your adventure!


  2. Great to hear that everything is going well. Looks like a beautiful place to live. We miss you already!


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