Tuesday, June 1, 2010

In Shock

When Dave informed me that we only have 20 days left before we head to Seattle I nearly fell over.  I must have been in more of a state of denial then I thought.  I was just beginning to enjoy my time not working then was awakened by this realization.  Don't get me wrong, I love that we are moving to Sydney.  Its one of the most exciting things I have done in my life so far.  I am just starting to realize and feel the loss of what is familiar to me.

Currently, we do not have any buyers for our house and will more than likely have to rent it out.  We are slowly donating items and generally lightening our load.  It actually feels good to be less cluttered.  I am enjoying having the house in "show-ready" state for people looking to buy.  It is so refreshing to walk into the house and have it so tidy and clean.

Jenna is being a real trooper.  She says she feels very excited about our new adventure but at the same time she is anticipating missing her family, friends and surroundings.  She is a true adventurer so this will turn out to be a great time in her life all in all.  She had her closing ceremony and meeting for Brownie's/Girl Scout last night. She received several of patches.  One of the patches she received was an International Friendship patch.  It represents a Scout who is leaving the US.  Jenna is the only one to receive this patch.

Dave is all business.  He is really getting us through this move by staying focused on the behind the scene details.  He has put some time into getting the house painted and doing an overall spiff-up on it.  He is the foundation of our family.

We are all looking forward to our pre-Sydney trip to Seattle where we will spend time with family and eat.

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