Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Six Weeks and Counting

We have known about moving to Sydney, Australia since February 2010. We were so excited and yet there was really nothing we could do to prepare until April and May. Now we are working on deciding what to do with our house, getting rid of old stuff, saying good bye to our family, friends and neighbors, and just trying to stay calm and focused. We have sold our snow blower (woo-hoo!), our new entertainment system, flat screen and all (bummer), and both our vehicles (another bummer-I really like Sally). Our home, along with about a million others, is on the market.  This obviously is not the best time to sell so if it doesn't sell before we go we will rent it out.  If you want to take a peek, go to or or (MLS#3919027).

The moving company shows up the week of June 14 to pack our stuff up and take it away.  We leave Minnesota for Washington State on June 20.  We leave Washington for Los Angeles on June 28 where we have a few hour layover then 14 lovely hours on the plane to Sydney.  Hopefully we will get some sleep during that time. The whole thing seems so daunting yet the end result seems so awesome. 

When we get there we will have to figure out where we are going to live.  There is no way to determine exactly where we will live before we go except for figuring out which part of the metropolitan area we like best. We are all in agreement that being by the water would be optimal.

We are learning things, good and bad, about Sydney regularly.  Let me introduce you to the Huntsman Spider:  Ewwww!